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From the sketch of this name in 2017, to its consecration during the opening of my store in January 2021, a lot of time has passed and I was able to think in the smallest details about what these three words meant. sounded obvious to me.
So, when today comes the question:
Why vanilla del sol? I know exactly what to answer.
Vanilla del sol is a dream. That of a little Guadeloupean from a modest family who, like many other young people, after traveling the world and discovering other cultures, finally decided to return home, to contribute to the development of her country and bring something new to it.
Vanilla, because like vanilla, which is a tropical spice with enormous character and taste, the Caribbean woman has a unique temperament, which gives her her legendary charm and makes her a cherished and highly coveted being...
Vanilla, because like vanilla which requires careful care and great know-how to grow, a woman needs a lot of love and attention to flourish properly.
Vanilla, because like vanilla which is a product that sometimes has a very high cost, the value of a woman is immense and the happiness she sows around her is inestimable.
Vanilla, because like vanilla which is a very strong and resilient plant, whose leaves can also be very toxic if we do not know how to touch them, the woman is a warrior who will fight against all odds and tirelessly in knowing how to be respected if necessary.
And Del sol, because I am a daughter of the sun, and we all are, in truth. And that nothing is more beautiful than a luminous, sunny and radiant woman.
Paying homage to the Caribbean in my own way, by creating a cozy space with unique decoration, inspired by my travels, thought out down to the smallest detail, designed with patience and love, despite a sometimes difficult context, that was my goal. A boutique in my image, with an original concept, intended to enhance the women of my island and elsewhere, and allow them to escape for a moment.
More than a shopping experience, it's a moment of life that I offer you. It's a timeless moment, over a little coffee or a large glass of wine, depending on your mood. These are personalized clothing tips, whatever your waist size, but also light and funny discussions. It's truly as if you were visiting a friend who wants, above all else, for you to feel at home, like at home.
It's a bit of a continuation of this relationship and this complicity that I have had with you on the networks for many years. Because yes, we have known each other for a long time already, and I couldn't wait to finally be able to physically welcome you into my world.
Achieving this dream was not easy. It was long-term work, which often pushed me to go beyond the limits that I had set for myself, or those that people wanted to impose on me. Convincing myself that I had the ability to do business at home and surrounding myself with caring people was the key. And here I am today.
So no matter the obstacles, no matter the pitfalls, I will never give up and will continue to believe in myself as I want you to also believe in yourself.
I hope to inspire other young people to launch into entrepreneurship like me and show them that anything is possible for those who believe in it, and that we can create great opportunities on our island.
So there you have it, if you feel even a tenth of all the love I put into this project when you walk through the door of Vanilla Del Sol, I'm delighted. And if, thanks to me, you feel a little happier and more confident when you leave, I will definitely have won everything.
To you, my vanillas,